Grandpa's Tree Guards

My Grandpa Tringali began making tree guards for the NYC Community in 1923. Tringali Iron Works has proudly protected NYC Trees and beautified NYC communities one block at a time for over 87 years designing, building, and installing over 125,000 tree guards.


Grandpa Tringali

Vertical Round Picket Fence Design
Holy Family Church
323 East 47th Street

18" Tall Hoop with Heavy Tube Bumper Design
Grace Church
Broadway & 10th
E. 10th Street Block Association

18" Tall Hoop Design in Belgium Blocks
(Belgium Blocks supplied by Association)
Morton Street Block Association

CrissCross Design with Heavy Square
(Plaques additional cost)

CrissCross Design with Heavy Square
(Plaques additional cost)
West 9th Street Block Association

Single Hoop Design
786-790 Washington Street Courtyard Park
(at the corner Washington & Horatio Streets)

Square Picket with "x" and Heavy Post Design
Greenwich Lofts
744 Greenwich Street

Large 12" Double Hoop Tree Guard Design
Bleecker Street Playground and Park
West Village Committee

Slant Hoop Tree Guard Design
Jane Street
West Village Committee



One fifth of the trees on New York City's public land are street trees. Street trees provide cooling shade, cleaner air, and more beautiful urban streetscapes. Unfortunately our congested city streets can be hazardous for our trees. Cars, bikes, dogs, toxins, and a harsh environment all threaten tree health and longevity. When designed appropriately, tree pit guards can help mitigate these hazards. A tree pit guard is usually a cast-iron fence or wrought-iron wickets installed around a tree pit for protection. Parks strongly encourages their installation, because tree pit guards:

Discourage dogs from defecating in tree pits.
Assist air and water penetration to the root zone by reducing paving block installation.
Protect trees from mechanical damage caused by car doors, bumpers, and other sources of street and sidewalk traffic.
Prevent bikes from being chained to trees.
Encourage flower planting by property owners, who in turn cultivate the soil and water trees.
Reduce soil compaction by providing a barrier to foot traffic over the root zone.

For additional information, please visit:

For additional resources on New York City Trees, please visit "Trees New York".  
Trees New York (TNY) is an environmental and urban forestry nonprofit organization. Our mission is to plant, preserve and protect New York City's neighborhood trees through education, active citizen participation and advocacy.